MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees

MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees (BoGs) is set of incentives, rights and privileges in a form of a grant from the Government of Malaysia dedicated for companies awarded with MSC Malaysia Status.

BoG1 To provide a world-class physical and information infrastructure.
BoG2 To allow unrestricted employment of local and foreign knowledge workers.
BoG3 To ensure freedom of ownership by exempting companies with MSC Malaysia Status from local ownership requirements.
BoG4 To give the freedom to source capital globally for MSC Malaysia infrastructure, and the right to borrow funds globally.
BoG5 To provide competitive financial incentives, including Pioneer Status (100% tax exemption) for up to ten years or an Investment Tax Allowance for up to five years and no duties on the importation of multimedia equipment.
BoG6 To become a regional leader in Intellectual Property Protection and Cyberlaws.
BoG7 To ensure no censorship of the Internet.
BoG8 To provide globally competitive telecommunications tariffs.
BoG9 To tender key MSC Malaysia infrastructure contracts to leading companies willing to use MSC Malaysia as their regional hub.
BoG10 To provide a high-powered implementation agency to act as an effective one-stop super shop.

This document reflects the Government’s interpretation in respect of the BoGs, and may be subject to change. For further information, please contact MDeC at:

MSC Malaysia Client Contact Centre (CliC)
Tel. no.: +603-8315 3000
Toll free no.: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia)

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